Get the lean, vibrant body bursting with energy you've always wanted

Hey Mumma!

Personalized Training and Nutrition Program with LIVE Feedback..

NO Counting Calories, NO Cutting Carbs and NO Marathon Workouts!

"Don't be discouraged by how long it takes because time will pass anyway.

I made progress, went backwards because of life situations but I was always supported and had the knowledge and skills to move forward when I was ready to.

Katherine - 26, School Teacher

"Megan has guided me through pregnancy, breastfeeding and all the hurdles that go along with being a Mum.

She always had my health and energy levels as a priority and as a result I feel more confident in my body than I've ever before.

I've been working with Megan for 12 months now and she is always there to solve even the smallest problems I face on a daily basis.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I talk to Megan and she always helps me to take a step back to make sure this is manageable for my lifestyle.

Kerri-Lee - 34, 2 Kids Under 2

"I've tried every diet you can think of, lost and gained weight multiple times throughout my life. With each attempted I kept putting on more weight.

Instead of overhauling my diet we made small changes which were sustainable and easy to implement.

I felt like the process was much more manageable and fit in around all of my other commitments.

Helen - 49, Grandmother

"Working with Megan has taught me to not be afraid to eat and that I don't have to be a slave to the gym.

I've done the cleanses, detoxes and restrictive diets in the past. I'd train my butt off, day in and day out and never saw the results I really wanted until now."

Ruth - 32, Mum of 2

If You've Struggled To Create The Lean, Toned and Vibrant Body You've Always Wanted

Then This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For

You'll have access to the methods I use to create a lean, toned body and keep it, year-round.  My clients are given hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for hundreds of real women from all walks of life.

You won't be left to follow cookie cutter PDF emails, instead you'll be educated and have the personalised service you need to make it work for you.

When you join me, I promise you that I will:

Design a training program for YOUR schedule

Design a training program for YOUR needs

Provide you with the real nutrition education so you can create your own custom eating plans based on YOUR requirements

I will be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey. 

This is NOT another diet or exercise program...

I don't give out cookie cutter meal plans and generic exercise program, this is a fully personalized service. I will educate you so you will never need to diet or start another exercise program ever again.

You'll learn how to; 

✓ Quickly food prep lots of delicious food the whole family can eat

✓ Get results at the gym using less than a handful of hours a week

✓Create a metabolism that makes your body better as you age, not worse!

REAL Women, REAL Results!


"Can you look better after every child?"

"The pressure on mum's to get back into shape after babies is huge"

"I take the pressure off the Mumma's I coach instead teaching them to enjoy lots of fast, delicious & nutritious food the whole family can eat and exercise a little as possible to achieve their Ultimate FitMum Bod."

"You can have the body you want after babies"

Megan - 32, Business Owner Mum of 2

WARNING: I Don't Work With Just Anyone. I Need To Be Right For You And You Need To Be Right For Me

So Many Women Think The Have To Punish Themselves By Cutting Out Their Favourite Foods.

The Truth You Can Still Enjoy Your Favourite Foods And Have The Body You Want...



Do everything that is required of you and if you're not looking, feeling or functioning any better after the first 12 weeks I will give you your money back...

About Me

I've always wanted to be one of those mums that could run, jump, swing and dance with her kids. I never wanted to catch myself saying "I used to be able to do that".

Recently I was asked "If Fitness Wasn't My Job, How Would I Stay Motivated?"

The truth is, my job doesn't actually give me the motivation to stay in shape, it gives me the knowledge but what drives me is my precious girls.

They are the reason I work on myself every day to be better than I was yesterday. Some days I am better and some days I'm not, that is the beautiful thing about motherhood but by making the choice to be better I teach my girls self respect and to be strong and confident with who they are.

I'm teaching my girls who will be mummies one day that we are the queen of our families and if we fall apart so does the rest of the family, so we must look after ourselves first in order to look after our family.

Who Am I Looking For?

  • You've worked hard in the gym but you've struggled with building a lean, firm body;
  • You've tried diets, training apps, memberships etc and nothing seems to stick or work;
  • You want to learn instead of being told what to do
  • You're ready to take action and put yourself first;
  • You're willing to commit to 6-12 months of accountability;

Apply to work with me


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  • Eat lots of delicious food
  • Train only a handful of hours per week
  • Learn how to get results, not just be told
  • Get results and keep them
  • Create tailored plans that suit your lifestyle
  • Make this change a delicious pleasure for the whole family
  • Get the support and motivation you need